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Students have volunteered at Riverview for many years as part of a school-wide volunteer effort at several locations. They assist us with a variety of projects such as tree trimming, clearing brush, mulching, and removing vines at fence lines. Many of the students had never used gardening tools so it was a learning experience for some.They brought great attitudes and some much needed young muscle power to every project. We look forward to continuing this partnership in the future!

THE RESURRECTION CENTER of Wilmington, Delaware, our neighbor and partner at Riverview, has assisted for several years, with our Memorial Day celebrations honoring our veterans who served or who are currently serving. TRC graciously provided seating for our events in front of our flag poles and they offered their Men’s choir and on occasion other talent from their congregation.

When we experienced inclement weather, they offered their auditorium. Many of their congregants live in the community and attend the Memorial Day services. Riverview began collecting toiletries and cleaning supplies for homeless veterans and TRC took up the call and started a collection drive within the church. The collected supplies now go to The Pearl Center, a new homeless veteran housing facility in Wilmington.

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