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A small charter school with lots of character and spirit…two grades (5th and 11th grades) form buddy teams to learn how to mentor, learn new skills and work together. Weeding our entire 800 Linear Foot lily bed and mulching two years in a row was a new challenge for these students and they were willing and able to take on the task. Go DELAWARE VALLEY CLASSICAL SCHOOL!


George Pauley has a long professional history of monument installation at Riverview Cemetery. When FHRC assumed ownership in 2019 he became a valued community partner. Over the past 10 years, FHRC received grants from the Delaware Distressed Cemetery Fund which allowed George Pauley to reset or repair over 200 markers at the cemetery. In 2014, FHRC Board of Directors had a Day of Service to reset or repair vandalized markers. Over 75 markers had been knocked over in an act of vandalism. In a joint effort of manpower, equipment and expertise, Dan Cecil, John W. Pauley and a Catholic Cemeteries of Wilmington volunteer did an amazing job with the 75 felled markers. Mr. Pauley continues his pro bono support for FHRC; in 2019 J.W. Pauley & Son installed 19 new Civil War veteran markers.  

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