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Notable Delawareans who are

interred at Riverview Cemetery

(we are seeking photos of these individuals)

• Bartholomew Manlove Allen

President, Delaware Academy

of Medicine

• William Gill Baugh, Sr

Wilmington City Councilman

Board of Education

• George M Fisher

Mayor of Wilmington, 1901 – 1903

• Dr. George W K Forrest

Mayor Of Wilmington, 1923 – 1931

• John W Lawson

Mayor of Wilmington, 1917 – 1919

• Joshua Maris

Mayor of Wilmington, 1864 – 1866

• John T Spring, Sr

New Castle County Coroner

1912 – 1920

Let us introduce you to a few of the

people interred at Riverview Cemetery

If you are interested in learning more about the lives of those interred at historic Riverview Cemetery, you will enjoy

Reading the Stones

A Collection of Memories from the First State

by Dr. Lee Anderson

This book is an oral history of the "underground neighborhood" found at Riverview Cemetery. You'll find stories and photos of

1000 deceased who are remembered by their ancestors. A fascinating look at a bygone time.

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